Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

This gold medal winning roaster has been roasting in Sydney since 1968.   Local Coffee Co was appointed the Central West Distributor in 2004.  Their commitment to coffee excellence, expertise and high level of customer service is impressive.


This is where Seven Miles top of the range Italian Brambati Roaster rises to the occasion.  The first of its type in the Southern Hemisphere, this state of the art computerised technology ensures that the accuracy of temperature and the consistency of the roast profile are unsurpassed.   

Freshness guaranteed

Seven Miles prefer to pack in smaller sized kilo bags and deliver them more frequently.  We honour this commitment by ordering freshly roasted coffee weekly and delivering to our customers Monday to Friday to order. 

Quality assured

Before beans are purchased and upon arrival, these exceptional beans are quality checked and checked again, and then double cleaned and screened, removing any impurities from the coffee 

You want high quality and consistency from your roaster.  Seven Miles delivers every time.