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Barista Training

Private tuition available

Training for everyone

Our classes are for everyone, whether you have just purchased a machine for home or you are opening a cafe and need training for your team.  Our class can be tailored to suit your level of experience and requirements.  If you purchase a machine we will provide a two hour training session one-on-one at our espresso bar.  We are also available for ongoing tuition.  We want to help you make great espresso at home.  We also provide ongoing industry training and support to our hospitality customers.

Due to COVID-19 normal classes have been suspended however private tuition is available.

Barista training

As Australia’s coffee culture continues to grow, there is a firm focus on the Barista.  The availability of fresh, quality roasted product and state of the art espresso machinery brings the focus to how the coffee is made.  While taste is a very personal matter, when it comes to the perfect espresso, much responsibility lies in the hands of the Barista.

Our Espresso Foundations Class

This class will introduce you to the key variables in producing great espresso coffee.  You will leave with a very good understanding of the brewing process that is espresso.  

Class Overview

  • What is the brewing process called espresso
  • What does the perfect shot of espresso look like
  • Espresso equipment basic operation
  • The dosing process
  • Milk texturing & microfoam
  • The complete coffee menu
  • Equipment maintenance – an overview

Classes are held at our espresso bar in Dubbo every month. 

Includes both theory and practical.

Classes are small and everyone is behind an espresso machine.  Training can be tailored to suit your level of experience and needs.


“Thank you again for such a great class, we had a great time and learnt a lot.” Danielle 

“Excellent session, thank you.” Kate

“Big thank you from us here for the training you did with our ladies.  You were wonderful, patient and overall fantastic with the women.” Jodi


Industry training

We support our wholesale customers by providing ongoing training for new and existing team members and advice including

  • Work flow
  • Cafe set up and fitout
  • Alternative brewing methods including cold press
  • Equipment and coffee recommendations

We have been running a busy cafe for many years and understand the trials and tribulations of small business.  We are keen to share our experiences and lessons with our customers to help them grow their business.

Private Tuition Available

For those people wishing to learn the art of espresso we have introduced one-on-one two hour sessions.  During this class you will receive private tuition at our espresso bar after hours.  The class will cover the same topics as our regular classes but can also be tailored to suit your experience and knowledge.